Synth Eastwood, Flags and Anthems (Group Show) State of War (Installation) (2007)

On hearing the theme of the upcoming Synth Eastwood show I was enslaved in Citibank in Ballsbridge, Dublin. I was in the Anti Money Laundering Department but Ironically they didn’t know I was pinching small amounts of stationary from the inside.

One positive from working in a stifled office environment was that I had re-aquainted myself with stationary … and having small battles on my desk with various things i had made out of stationary. An early memory of mine is from junior Infants (Kindergarten) and class mate Colin Darker was pretending that several crayons were in fact a rocket….. mind blown. From that moment on pens, rubbers pencil parers and any stationary had become Vehicles or attack ships of some sort.

Unlimited access to the stationary cupboard allowed me to work on the exhibition everyday. I would stash the sculptures in my filing cabinet and would take the finished Tanks, fighters and artillery with me at the end of the day.

I tried to create two different Identities and distinctive technology types from the stationary. I also create two god representative busts which stood backing either side. As an aside I could stand in one of the god busts and scare passers by(classic).

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