Info Processor, Synth Eastwood, Cycles Show (2008)

As I began to realise there was more to art than creating 2d and 3d art Items, I saw more importance in the process of producing the work than the product itself. The Information Processor consisted of a 4ftx4ft box. Inside this box was a computer, printer, frames, a human and a projector. You could not see inside the box but the activity on the computer screen was projected to an outside viewing screen. The people attending the show could write suggestions and insert them into the appropriate slot. The Information Processor as a whole would make it’s interpretation of the input and draw, print and frame the written suggestions . The Item was then presented for collection on the far side of the box.

The Suggestions were realised in MS Paint. This format seemed appropriate because at the time I was working in Citibank. Ms paint must be on every machine in the bank and indeed any office, it serves as a tool to screen grab. The I.T department require these screen grabs for their records. It created a means of artistic outlet whilst having to work there. This work took the reality of being stuck in an office under heavy pressure to finish work on behalf of the bank and created an intense (very hot) microclimate in which I was under pressure to create my own artwork.

Input Suggestion 3007057859319facebc3DRAWING IN A BOX