Artist’s Bio

Hugh Cooney is an artist, filmmaker and performer based in London. He graduated from Ireland’s National College Of Art & Design with a first class BA honours degree.

Through his art, Hugh’s engages a variety of disciplines across several different media. Utilising outmoded techniques to emphasise the surreality of our modern world, Hugh’s MS Paint bureau installations enclosed the artist in a box, from which he delivered MS Paint drawings according to suggestions from the audience. Conceived, executed and printed within 5 minutes, this system attempt to recreate the instantaneous gratification of modern media, but via thoroughly primitive means.

His residency at the Good Hatchery artists community in Offaly culminated in his major work, the Battle of Croghan Hill, a large-scale war waged with potato cannons and cardboard armour. All combatants were drawn solely from the ranks of the young and unemployed in Dublin, ironically juxtaposing their position and self-worth within modern Ireland with that of men and women their same age who might have found themselves enlisted a century earlier. This project, and the media coverage surrounding it, led to the formation of the broader Harrier movement; a loose group of collectives across Ireland and the UK bound by duty, honour, and their many collectable wallets, stickers and badges.

Hugh has consistently supplemented his installation work with performance and filmmaking. His highly popular youtube channel has over a million views and earned him work with RTE, Ireland’s national broadcaster, as well as venues all over Dublin and external selection for performances in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Marseille, Adelaide, and Zadar.

Hugh was also the co-director of Dublin’s Supa Fast building, a gallery, art-space and venue which held exhibitions by local and visiting artists and featured a highly sought-after pop-up restaurant that was featured on Sky Arts’ Urban Secrets series with Alan Cumming.

Now based permanently in London, Hugh works mainly in video and visual arts, with a particular affinity for MS Paint and outmoded or pre-modern rendering and replication techniques. His latest work is a series of large scale MS Paint renderings of sunsets inspired by the Italo Disco musical genre.


2003-2007 Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons)

National College of Art and Design, Ireland

(Graduated with first class honours)


2014-Present Italo Sunsets (Exhibition)

Radio Hair Salon, Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London, England

Radio Hair Salon, Broadway Market, London, England

2013- London Vibes (Online campaign/Performance)

Airbound Festival, Dixie Queen, Tower Bridge, London, England

2012- Present Hackney Dinner Society (Installation/ Performance)

F.Cooke Pie and Mash, Hoxton, London, England

2012 International League of Harriers Enrolment Office(Installation/Performance)

Supa Fast Building, 6 Great Strand St., Dublin, Ireland

2012 Link Culture Festival (Group Show) (Installation)

Block B Exhibiton Space, Smithfield, Dublin , Ireland

2012 Ah End U Day, Jeremy Kyle Parody (Group Show) (Installation/Performance)

The Sugar Club, Leeson Street, Dublin , Ireland

2011-2012 Sett Food Club (Group Show) (Installation/Performance)

Supa Fast Building, 6 Great Strand Street, Dublin, Ireland

2011 Supa Fast, Supafast Military, The Battle of Croghan Hill (Group Show)

(Installation, Performance)

Good Hatchery Studios and Galleries, Co. Offaly, Ireland

2011 Oddies Trip (Installation/Performance)

Block T Studios and Galleries, Smithfield Square, Dublin, Ireland

2010 Establishment of The Supafast Military (Group Show) (Installation/Performance)

Good Hatchery Studios and Galleries, Co. Offaly, Ireland

2010 Establishment of The Free Harriers of Dublin (Group Show) (Installation/Performance)

15 Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin, Ireland

2010 Block T Fundraiser (Group Show)

Hugh Cooney’s MS Paint Suggestion Bureau (Installation/Performance)

Block T Studios and Galleries, Smithfield Square, Dublin, Ireland

2010 Supa Fast Armour Museum (Group Show) (Installation)

Hogan’s Bar, George’s Street, Dublin , Ireland

2010 Pecha Kucha 20×20 N0.6 (Group Show) (Installation/ Performance)

The Sugar Club, Leeson Street, Dublin , Ireland

2010 Synth Eastwood In Glasgow (Group Show)

Hugh Cooney’s Ms Paint Suggestion Bureau (Installation/ Performance)

Stag and Dagger Festival, Glasgow, Scotland

2010 Synth Eastwood Fast Forward (Group Show)

Hugh Cooney’s Ms Paint Suggestion Bureau (Installation/ Performance)

Flat Pack Festival, Birmingham, England

2009 SupaFast @ Deaf (Group Show)

Kennedy’s, Westland Row, Dublin

2009 Hugh Cooney’s Croatian Cabaret (Performance)

Airbound Festival, Petrcaine, Zadar, Croatia

2009-2010 Hugh Cooney Don’t Like Mondays

Weekly (Performance/performance)

Pygmalion, South William Street, Dublin, Ireland

2008 Synth Eastwood Homemade Show (group Show)

Homemade Telly(Performance)
Film base, Curved Street, Dublin, Ireland

2008 Hugh Cooney’s Mspaint Suggestion Bureau (Installation/ Performance)

Paper Horse Studios, Adelaide, South Australia

2007 Synth Eastwood, Flags and Anthems (Group Show)

State of War (Installation)

Filmbase, Curved Street, Dublin, Ireland

2006 The Kind of Thing You’d Expect (Group Show)

Monstertruck Studios Francis Street, Dublin

2005 Hugh Cooney’s Perversions (Installation/ Performance)

Monstertruck Studios, Francis St., Dublin ,Ireland

2005 Subversions (Group Show)

Templebar Studios and Galleries, Dublin, Ireland

2012 National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Guest Lecturer,

2011 Dublin Simon Community

art classes with the Simon community’s rough sleeper and detox units


The Good Hatchery,Co. Offaly,Ireland

Nov 2015 Time Out, London,

Apr 2013 Image Magazine, London Calling Article Tatler (Ireland) Sett Food Club Article

Apr 2012 Totally Dublin, Full Cardboard Jacket Article

Mar 2011 Totally Dublin, Hugh Cooney Don’t Like Monday’s Article

Nov 2009 Connected Magazine, Supa//Fast Jives Article


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