Time To Go Full Art

I’ve left the Pub management game and I’ve got myself a studio in an attempt to go full art. I’m doing odd jobs to keep myself going, but It just feels like time for me to crack on making all the things I want to make. I’ve written a whole load of new video stuff and now finally have space to get it made and to work on my live show. My end goal is to adventure forth to the Edinburgh Fringe once more this time for the whole month. How can you help me adventure forth (Here’s the sales pitch) I produce various items, In three major categories and if you were curious to see what I could do in the coming year …. oil my wheels and collect some art and join me in my quest.

Category 1.Limited Edition Prints
Ranging from beautiful sunsets to scenes of extreme violence.
(whatever you’re into)
Italos Sunsets, Battle Scenes Etc
Basically any image you’ve seem me produce.
PM me for options and prices.

Category 2 Personal Commission.
Think Morrissey Fighting a Horde of Zombies
(See attached images) what ever it is you require lets discuss. average 50 quid

Category 3 International League of Harriers.
If you are a Harrier maybe you’re not but you want to be. Maybe you know someone who deserves a title or an award. I hold a certain amount of sway in the organisation and for a small administration fee I can Fast-Track the Appropriate personalised documents. There are several examples in the attached photos.
There are three available Categories within this category.
1.Classic Free Harrier Induction Pack 10 quid ‘Fast-Track’ Fee
Includes Harrier Photo Identification and Personalised Chapter House Crest (A4)

2.Premium Free Harrier Induction Pack 20 quid ‘Fast –Track’ Fee
Includes Harrier Photo Identification, Chapter House Crest and Personalised Harrier of Note Award Including your photo.You will also be sent on a quest in order to attain Overseer Status.

3.Status Free Harrier Package 30 quid ‘Fast – Track’ Fee
The status package essentially installs you as an overseer of a part of the globe. You will receive Your Identification a chapter house crest, And a customized title deed. We can discuss what part of the globe it is you would like to oversee. E.G Templeogue.
You will be immortalised on the international league of Harriers world map.(This package also includes a quest)

4. I could do your chalk board

Thank you all for your ongoing support.



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