Utility Belt

In preparation for my hitch hiking adventure to the Edinburgh Fringe, I’ve been thinking about relevant equipment. Here is a selection of some of the Items I may or may not take with me.

– side satchel (bumbag)
– voice recorder,
– Go Pro Camera (including head strap),
– Harrier Memberships (for those who pledge their allegiance along the way) — notebook,
– secondary pay as you go phone,
– cool clip thingy
– a shillelagh.

The voice recorder will serve to record general information and of course my payment for lifts through the act of storytelling.
I will also be spreading the word of the greater harrier organisation, these provisional memberships will direct folk to any relevant literature.
The go pro with head strap will serve to capture a realistic first person point of view.
The Shillelagh (traditional clubbing weapon of the irish but now a ceremonial symbol, never used in anger) culturally is not really accepted here in the U.K surprisingly. Someone of an Irish cultural persuasion may not carry a shillelagh without reproach. So for that reason and to avoid spooking potential lifts I’ll be leaving my cudgel behind.
I have a secondary Nokia phone with some important numbers which I will be sewing into my underpants or sock (I haven’t decided yet). Though I will welcome interesting deviations along the way, should I end up in a trucking container being fed a strange mix of pigs blood and porridge, I’ll be maximising my chance of rescue.
I’ve had a wonderful response and may already have a couple of gigs!
If you can suggest any other vital equipment or hitching strategy please do share in the below comments field.
(the cool clip thingy makes me look cool and important, I might hang my keys from it) ‪#‎hitchtofringe‬IMG_3376


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