Track me, It’s the future

Just a few notes on mapping and tracking. I really hadn’t looked at a map since my decision to hitch hike to the fringe. But I knew I had something in my hoard of found items that would come in handy, In the photographs attached to this post may I draw your attention to the 1988 Road Atlas of Britain and Ireland. I know some things may have changed in the 27 odd years since this has been published .. but this item has not run out of battery since it’s printing all those years ago (and it’s not likely to anytime soon).

Also, though we do not yet have the robots we were promised all those years ago (to clean our homes), we do in fact live in the future.
The tracking devices we drooled over in shows like ‘Macgyver’ and ‘The Streets of San Francisco’ are in fact a reality.
I will be carrying one of these tracking devices and you can chart my progress on your Laptop Computer or Smart Phone.

-The app is called Find My Friends
-Send a Tracking request to
-I will accept your request

You will be able to track my progress as I hitchhike to Edinburgh
(I too will be able to track you!, Hope you’re ok with that)
[I’ve attached some relevant sample photographs to illustrate] ‪#‎hitchtofringe‬IMG_3398 IMG_3399 IMG_3400 IMG_3403 IMG_3404


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