The following information is an attempt to summarise the nature and concern of the International League of Harriers. As an organisation it has a rich history and is experiencing a resurgence in modernity. A pan-national body, with busy centres of operation in Dublin, London and Berlin. It operates on the basis of establishing your abode as a Free Harrier Chapter. This is simply achieved by receiving, being issued with or requesting a Chapter House Crest from the relative authority. All who dwell under that roof receive the civic honour and title of ‘Free Harrier’.

If you’re not familiar with The International League of Harriers it’s only proper order, as it is a most ancient secret, non-secret society. It doesn’t suffer comparison to organisations that some would consider similar. This is due to its actual ancient heritage, (which other such groups feign to ad gravitas). These ‘Masonic’ organisations will not be mentioned, why? Never argue with an idiot lest you be mistaken for one, whoops I’ve already done it. It also doesn’t suffer comparison because of its non-exclusivity, all may choose to be a Harrier. Or you may be a Harrier and not yet be aware of your Harriership.

The International League of Harriers is the umbrella term for the networks of Free Harriers in operation across the globe. ‘Free Harrier’ is the formal civic title for one who harries. Despite what you may infer from the name, these groups are not parkour running clubs. One may be aware of the use of ‘Harriers’ as a title for a number of running clubs. You may also be familiar with an organisation known as the ‘Hash House Harriers’, an international running/drinking club. All of these models borrow their title from an original ancient order of hare hunters. The International League of Harriers being the same organisation in unbroken lineage from that time. A ‘hairer’ in old middle English and ‘errier’ in old french. The original intent of this comparison (which I shall touch on shortly) is held to today by the Free Harriers. Flattering to the Free Harriers it is to have these organisations borrow the notion. It is but a notion borrowed as the Free Harrier operation and philosophy are something much more ethereal.

One cannot hope to catch a hare and in this the point is made. This is the philosophy of the Harrier. Its members share one belief the motto of the harrier ‘In Fugo Vos Reperio Voluntas’ that is ‘In Harrying We Find Meaning’. This means that one finds meaning in the dogged pursuit of ones ideas. This to say that meaning is not found in one great payoff or one pivotal moment, but that life is an additive process and to quote a founding member of the modern day harriers Tom Lynn FHD (Free Harrier Of Dublin) “Life’s a series of micro achievements”. In this the Harrier philosophy extends to say that in focusing on the smaller aspects of tasks one can remain upbeat and by a constant harrying one can overcome anything. The Harrier remains fluid and uses what is to hand. To quote the Duke of Wellington “My enemies made their plans from iron while I made mine from rope. When theirs’ broke they couldn’t be fixed, when mine broke I simply tied a knot and carried on” Or to quote Baron Von Munchhausen “No plan survives first contact with the enemy”. So if it must be explained in brief, this is the ideal that a Free Harrier holds to.

The Harrier in times past had to organise and fight viciously and furiously to uphold these beliefs. Here depicted is the Harrier’s flight from europe around 1308 .



This was at the same time of the destruction of the Knights of Templar. The Free Harriers escaped in minute numbers and ironically were harried to fringes of the known world. The Charge Of The Harrier depicts the escape of the Harrier from papal forces intent on destroying the Harrier Ideology which held men and women as equals.

In the modern world the Harriers have renounced violence and resolve issues through the exercise of non-lethal warfare. In 2010 it was decided to militarise the established club night known as SUPA FAST. This gave rise to the SUPAFAST MILITARY. Non-leathal technologies and a full military structure was established in the Good Hatchery facility in Daingain Co. Offaly. Here you can see some footage from that conflict which became known as the Battle of Croghan Hill.

Here is a link to more extensive documentation of the conflict. Croghan Hill.Those who have served in the armed forces are awarded the title ‘Fighting Harrier’.Here an example of the medals awarded at Croghan Hill medalsFor the most part the harriers are a civic organisation. The organisation operates on a basis of creating chapter houses. Of which there are 43 Chapter Houses registered to the Free Harriers of Dublin alone. This count does not include Chapters of Old; the EARLSFORT and NORTH CIRCULAR chapters spring to mind. The number also does not include unregistered chapters (Remediation of these chapters and all harrier documentation is an ongoing global and laborious task undertaken by the Department of Freeharrier Remediation ). The Free Harriers of London boast of 30 Chapters and rising. This does not include Harrier Facilities, Military Facilities and the Roving Harriers, who may find themselves temporarily without residence.

What do you need to establish a chapter? You need a Chapter House Crest, signed, embossed, stamped and sealed by one of the relevant authorities. Your crest appropriately displayed in your chapter will communicate a safe haven to any other Harrier that should cross your threshold as if to spur the voice in the Harriers head to say ‘Ahhh, I’ll be well looked after here’. CLANBRASThe crest is personalised, your house title being the road on which you live. Any chapters on the same road sharing the same name will pool their Harriers to form Units in the Military (in times of conflict). Although, the Dept of Remediation will eventually endow all Harrier houses with their crests, the process can be fast-tracked for a small fee. All proceeds are funneled into the support and development of Harrier infrastructure. Your home will also fall under the protection of the Rapid Reaction Smash Crew. This force was formed to crush the Teal Rebellion when a faction of the military known as the Teal Brigade attempted a coup. They seized control the Supafast Building, the centre of Harrier activity at that time. You can see the RRSC in action here as a harrier you fall under the protection of the RRSC. All proceeds are funneled into the support and development of Harrier infrastructure and the RRSC.

The organisation also awards its members …awards. The most coveted of these, the much coveted Harrier of Note award. The ‘Harrier of Note’ award is awarded to Harriers of note. Though all Harriers are considered equal, some Harriers are of note. Harriers are extensively vetted and receive the award for Harrying well or outstanding feats of Harrying. The award is personalised with the Harriers name and relevant titles. It is stamped, embossed, sealed and signed by the Dept of Remediation. The award can also be fast-tracked by paying a small fee to the dept as with the chapter house crests all funds go into the running of the organisation. There are a multitude of Harrier titles and ranks created by the various authorities and I’d be here all day if I were to open that box of worm’s, but I will touch on the ‘Master’ rank.

master AlThe Master rank is awarded to those who are masters in their field of Harrying. Below an example of a recent recipients of the Master Rank. As always Free Harrier Remediation is in the constant process of making sure deserving Harriers receive the title. The process can also be fast-tracked for a small fee.These small fee’s simply oil the wheels of an ancient lumbering bureaucracy.

The Global nature of the organisation adds the requirement of documentation of passage. The International Harry Document is required when Harrying Internationally. Constructed from duct-tape and paper, these documents also double as a wallet. The nature of their construction makes the durable and repairable. walletsEach document is also a record of the Harrier’s titles, awards (if any) and Military Service (if any). The Harrier also receives their Harrying number. All of these details are written in Ink by a Master Scribe of The Harriers (currently Anthony Mooney FHL). The Document is also signed, embossed, stamped, and bares the seal of the Harrier. All Harriers will receive the Document but if you are traveling soon and have lost your document you can oil the wheels and Fast-Track a new one for a small fee.

Being a Harrier is to me as I’m sure it might mean to you. If your into it. If doesn’t not already, maybe it will. If it does, ‘In Fugo Vos Reperio Volunta’, In Harrying we find meaning. The Free Harriers are an organisation which is concerned with the building of an organisation. It is an organisation of a general concern. What is that concern? To find meaning in our Harrying. And our Harrying is? Well, it just happens to be building an organisation known as the Harriers.

The Organisation is currently recruiting for military service.This military action will establish undisputed territory as Harrier territory on the Island of Dalkey.Contact the Free Harriers through any of the below Bodies.For more Informationon all free harrier activities  catch up with the Supa Fast Broadcast on between 8-9pm on wednesdays.

If you would like to fast-track a Chapter House Crest, A Harrier of Note Award ,A Master Title or an International Harrying Document contact or fill out the form below :

TUMBLR,freeharriers, ,WHS Monck policy steering institute,vimeo

Your details will be processed by Free Harrier Remediation and if required a chapter house crest will be generated and posted to freeharriers for your own printing . Remember to get your  crest signed off on by a Harrier of note to legitimise the Chapter House. Contact us to nominate for the Harrier of note award.

Remember all documents can be fast-tracked for a small fee.

Free Harrier Remediation
106 Landmark Heights
Daubeney Road


or Email:


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