Hang Tough With The Harriers

‘The Charge Of The Harrier’

The Ms Paint Bureau and Hang Tough Framing are running a christmas competition on facebook. Share the Competition post  like the MS Paint Bureau and comment describing what you would like to see realised in MS Paint ‘WHAT CAN I WIN?’ I hear you scream into the face of your laptop. In reply I push my glasses up my nose and say ‘well you’re really asking many different questions at once because there are in fact many prizes’.

The prize awarded to all who enter is the joy of internet socialising and participation. Though we take this as a given I thinks its important to highlight this overweight caucasian stallworth in the room. we’re starting from the bottom and working our way up.The Bureau is merely an office which feeds on the the suggestions and image requests of others. So if you you don’t happen to win,  your Image request remains in the the trough to be processed,guzzled and drawn.In dry spells ‘The Bureau’ will continue to process Information and will attempt over time to complete all requests.

There will be spot prizes and awards during the duration of the competition for originality, bravado and acts of kindness.These spot prizes include prints of previous MS Paint Bureau documents.These spot prizes with also include induction to an organisation. This organisation ‘The International League of Harriers’, an ancient order, will award contestants chapter house crests, documents and Harrier of Note awards.(more information on this organisation soon)

This brings us to the main function of The Ms Paint Bureau. ‘The Bureau’ realises your wildest dreams in MS Paint. The Winner and 2 runners up will receive their competition entry’s drawn, printed, stamped,embossed, signed, wax sealed and framed(very official stuff).

The Winner will receive an A1 sized Framed print of ‘The Charge of The Harrier’.This picture depicts a time of old, a time before the Harrier had put down Her/His sword/lance/mace. This picture depicts the escape of the last few harriers from mainland europe circa. 1200ad . The Harriers persecuted for their non-beliefs we’re forced into a desperate charge from which few lived to tell the tale.Some survivors from this escape made there way to live in solitude in Ireland . It was those Harriers who lived in secret nursing the kernel of Harrier-ship before its revival at the battle of Tyrell’s Pass 1597 . This snapshot in history could be yours. Here’s the COMPETITION POST share it, Like the Ms Paint Bureau and Tells us(me) what it is you would like to see realised.I’d say ‘Best of Luck’ but your winning the competition is based purely on the quality of your entry.

Hang Tough Framed 'Charge of The Harrier'


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